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I had the opportunity to do the façade design for high-rise buildings, which often cost more than conventional buildings when it comes to cleaning or repairing cracks. For material specification, I chose SKK's Clean Mild Urethane mainly for the reason of cleaning and maintenance.
Clean Mild Urethane products meet this problem well because they have a polyurethane chemical base, primarily when many high-rise buildings are located in the middle of the city, where dust and exhaust in the air have particularly high sulfuric acid values. Besides, the building surface painted with Clean Mild Urethane is still easy to clean, and the color remains original, not pale under the weather conditions. Over time, if the maintenance cost is compared with the price, the product is worth it, and you will not be disappointed.

Company Name :
V2 Design Studio
Full Name :
Mr. Wisute Sukphong
Designation :
Managing Director