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What impressed me about SKK's colors was the color quality. I used Mirac 100 as a primer and Clean Mild Urethane for an exterior paint at an artificial sugar export factory. I guarantee customers in case of no fungus for 3-5 years, now 3 years is still beautiful. If it is another paint brand, the fungus will appear within 3 months for its weather condition in the factory. As this factory got more paintwork, they re-activated SKK paint. Another factory that runs SKK in common is a waste disposal factory in Bangkok. I used the same formula as mentioned before for this factory, but this factory contains a lot of mold and sulfur. I used a pressure washer, and the dirt washes off itself. So there's no need to worry about SKK paint quality at all.
As for services, whether I have a job in Khon Kaen, Bangkok or Rayong. If there is technical information of color that I do not understand and want to explain to the customer, there will be both sales staff and technical staff to present it to you. If it's another color brand, only the general sales staff will come who has not have enough technical information that I can guarantee to customers. Overall, I impressed with SKK.

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Kimsun Engineering
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Mr.Surapong Katasila
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The President