For Renovation

Why do buildings get damaged?

By being exposed to natural environment such as ultraviolet rays, rain, wind, etc. for a long period of time, all buildings cause changes in building materials such as exterior walls, roofs, and interiors. As a result, various defects occur.

Generally speaking, the expected lifespan of building materials is 10 years.
If defects in a building are kept unattended for more than 10 years, there will be a serious risk that the safety of the building cannot be guaranteed, such as cracks in the exterior walls allowing rainwater to seep through and causing corrosion of the internal structure.

In order to avoid such risks, buildings need to be renovated regularly based on a certain period of time.

If any of the following problems occur, it is a sign of repair / renovation.

Colour fading / discolouration / dirt

The dirt on the exterior wall stands out due to rain stains, algae, etc.

Chalking phenomenon

When the surface of the exterior wall is rubbed by hand, a chalk-like white powder adheres.


The exterior wall material is cracked and rainwater seeps in.

Peeling of paint film

The paint film is peeling off due to the influence of moisture and alkali.

Exposed rebar

Reinforcing bars rusted due to the neutralization of concrete, and the concrete part flakes off.

Cracks in sealing material / peeling / discolouration

Sealing material is damaged and rainwater seeps in.

Valuable Renovation SKK recommends a valuable renovation, not just a restore.


SKK helps to support a sustainable safe living environment and increase the asset value of the building.

Every building deteriorates over time. If it fails to carry out regular maintenance, it will shorten the life span of the building and lower the asset value. In order to protect the living environment, maintain and increase the asset value, it is essential to extend the renovation cycle by selecting the right product for each area. As a result, it is also possible to reduce the total cost.
SKK proposes the right products for the whole building such as exterior wall, metal surface, rooftop and interior, etc. considering the substrate condition and surrounding environment.




Creating a design that matches your ideal store image.

For the store design, there are various styles such as Japanese, Western, Scandinavian, and traditional Japanese house styles. The selection of interior materials is an important element in determining the store's atmosphere. We have a wide range of products with excellent designs including natural stone-like, soil wall-like, mortar-like, multi-coloured patterns, etc. We can create the interior design that matches the store concept.

Colour scheme

Renewing the image with a combination of various colours

By combining more than 500 colours owned by SKK, it is possible to appeal various images such as luxury, warmth, and dynamism. You can apply for Colour Coordination Photo Presentation (free of charge) by taking a picture of the actual building under consideration after confirming the rough image with a colour simulation.

Luxury Design

Factories and Warehouses

New proposals to increase added value through renovation

Future buildings are required to have various properties such as durability, energy saving, environmental friendliness, and safety.

"TOTAL MAINTENANCE SYSTEM" proposes solutions to various problems by using functional coatings, special coatings, highly safe fireproof coatings and heat insulation materials.

Please consider renovations with value-added products and systems which can maintain buildings for a long period of time, secure safety, and improve the environment.