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2023.08.23 Material

Types of Wood Grain Patterns

You are probably familiar with the pattern of growth rings on the surface of the sawn wood. Depending on the method of lumbering, this pattern has different appearance and expressions called "flat grain" and "straight grain".

The "flat grain" is a curvy wood grain pattern, whereas "straight grain" is a straight wood grain that is close to straight lines. Why is the pattern so different? The reason is the difference in how the wood is cut.

The straight grain is cut vertically from the core of the log to the edge. It is easier to understand if you imagine the cross section of a baumkuchen cut into several equal parts. On the other hand, the curved grain of flat grain pattern is cut from one end of the log to the other. As a result, the growth rings become curvy patterns. As shown in the figure, while the flat grain pattern can be neatly obtained from one end of the log to the other, the straight grain pattern is cut out centering on the core, leaving parts that can't be utilized for lumber. Consequently, in terms of cost and rarity, it can be said that the straight grain is more valuable than the flat grain.

Attractive Point of Straight Grain Pattern ~ Rarity and Beautiful Appearance ~

The attractive point of straight grain is the beauty of the horizontal wood grain, giving it a modern and stylish impression. In addition, the wide straight grain pattern can only be obtained from old large trees that are difficult to get, so it is a lumber with a very high rarity value.

Attractive Point of Flat Grain Pattern ~ Texture of Nature ~

The flat grain also provides beautiful appearance. The flat grain with the shape of the growth rings provides plenty of warmth of natural materials. Each random pattern is unique, offering a variety of impressions such as powerful, soft, etc.

The Three-Dimensional Surface of WOODY SMILE

The surface texture of WOODY SMILE is derived from moulds taken from carefully crafted natural wood, providing a realistic three-dimensional natural wood grain finish. Particularly, the straight grain finish is extremely rare and valuable because the straight grain pattern is collected from an old large tree.

Flat Grain case1

Flat Grain case2

Straight Grain case1

Straight Grain case2

Building a Sustainable Future City

WOODY SMILE contributes to the preservation and regeneration of forest resources by avoiding illegal or excessive logging. With consideration for the natural environment and landscape, it produces designs that are compatible with the surrounding ecosystem, and local culture and climate.


Natural wood-like luxurious prefabricated sheet

WOODY SMILE is a new natural wood-like sheet building material retaining the beautiful look of natural wood with outstanding weather resistance, durability, and excellent workability. It is a next-generation building material indispensable for sustainable construction. It's getting a lot of attention now.

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