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2023.01.20 Material

What are the advantages of expressing with a textured product instead of using natural stone?

We, SKK, are trying to express the texture of natural stone through a textured product rather than using natural stone.
Let's compare natural stone and a textured product! Think about the advantages and disadvantages of each.


The weight of natural stone is heavy. If the durability of the foundation is lost, the natural stone will peel off and there is a risk of falling.
Accidents can cause damage not only to those who live in the building, but also to nearby residents passing by.
On the other hand, a textured product basically requires the coating material to be applied, so there is almost no fall of the wall due to peeling.

Blackening due to algae growth

In the case of natural stone, algae grow in fine pores on the surface of natural stone over time, causing the surface to turn black.
It not only spoils the beautiful appearance of the building, but also deteriorates the surface strength and lowers the value of the building.
On the other hand, it is possible to add scientifically controlled algae resistance to a textured product. Therefore, the beautiful appearance can be maintained for a long time preventing the growth of algae.

Application to curved surfaces

In the case of using natural stone for curved surfaces such as a column, the high-level cutting work is required, which takes a lot of money and time.
On the other hand, in the case of textured materials, the application to curved surfaces can be done easily by applying finish coating materials or using sheet building materials.

Improving work efficiency

The weight of natural stone is very heavy, so the work efficiency is low and the construction period is long. Therefore, the cost is higher than that of general construction.
On the other hand, the weight of a textured material is about 1/10 compared to natural stone of the same size, so it is easy to apply and the cost is lower than that of natural stone.