How to choose a product

  • Do you have a product that can be installed on a block wall?

    It is especially important to note that unlike general cement mortar, cement is highly alkaline because it is a moulded product. Also, water tends to flow from the back when used as a fence. Therefore, it is recommended to use an undercoat with excellent alkali resistance and a topcoat with excellent moisture permeability. Lithin may be suitable.
  • Do you have photocatalytic paints?

    No. Unfortunately we do not have them.
  • Can I renovate inorganic substrates such as ceramic tiles?

    If you use SK Tile Filler, a surface conditioner for ceramic tiles on the entire surface, you can create a substrate for painting, and other types of finishes are possible.
  • Can I use Granipierre for the renovation of inorganic substrates such as ceramic tiles?

    Yes. Please contact your nearest sales office for details. Basically, after removing the damaged tiles, prepare the substrate with cement-based surface conditioner and then paste it over it.
  • Is there a spray tile that is effective against salt damage?

    We recommend using waterproof materials. Reinforcing bars inside concrete are encouraged to rust due to salt content. Therefore, an elastic type providing flexibility against cracks is recommended so that it does not enter. (Our recommended product: Lena Friend)
  • Do you have natural stone-like products?

    Eleganstone is available for spray application. In addition, as a sheet building material, Granipierre is available. It provides various finishes such as granite, sandstone and limestone.
  • I am thinking about using Bell Art for exterior wall. What should be considered?

    Bell Art is a multi-design and decorative coating that can provide various patterns with trowel, roller, brush, etc. The skill of the paint applicator greatly influences the beautiful finish. It would be better to ask a contractor who has a lot of experience in plastering with trowels. Also, as an optional specification, applying a special clear topcoat will help prevent dirt.
  • Is Bell Art not suitable for busy streets where cars pass by all day?

    Exterior walls tend to get dirty in areas with heavy vehicle traffic due to the effects of dust and exhaust gases. Dirt easily accumulates in the gaps of patterns with large unevenness. As a countermeasure, contamination can be reduced to some extent by applying a clear topcoat over Bell Art. We recommend regular maintenance by washing the parts that tend to get dirty.